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    chewitt Hi, i'm answering here instead of irc. Was away some days...

    Yes, thats me. My test device is a wetek play2.

    We had an issue in our drm code. This didn't handle multiplanar planes, but thats fixed now with…7a4f586e89810911f8c6e36e8

    One issue is still remaining. I have a 576i TV stream, which results in a video, where lines are shifted horizontally. I'm not sure, if this is a deinterlacing (which should be disabled) or decoding or drm problem. Will the deinterlacer work at all atm?

    I didn't dig into that one too deep, that was just a quick test. I will try to figure out some more the next days, but if you have any hints what we are are missing, i'm glad, too ;)

    Hi jernej ,

    coming back to my Tanix TX6 boot problem, i have serial access now and this is the log:

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    The first two boots are fine, then the device stops 3 times at DRAM: 

    The only possible way to proceed is to disconnect power.

    Next boot (line 96) i accidentally interrupted by a power disconnect, but in the end it boots again.

    Looking at the different DRAM values all over the log, it smells like some DRAM detection issue...

    Would be cool, if you have some idea. Ping me, if i should open a new thread or if you need some more infos.




    Some more logs, after a next reboot try:


    sorry for pushing this thread up again. I also have this issue and can workaround it with a manual scripts/clean and scripts/build.

    It comes up here, once i do a debug build in a build dir which had been the directory for a non-debug build before and vice-versa (without doing a clean build).

    It's not that big problem for me, but probably there is still some issue somewhere and my description can help finding it.



    EDIT: For the record, seems to be where it should be ...

    Ok jernej , so here is my feedback:

    Booting works now with the nightly image (and my self-built one ;)

    I've got still problems with reboot. This seems to be board-version specific.

    I own two different TX6:

    According to it's the TX6-H 2nd version (with CS_H6_TX28_V2.7 20200616.L6 / RTL8822CS) - though it's just stickered with TX6 on the backside - which is the one, that doesn't reboot. I need to disconnect it from power and after a few attempts of reconnecting it suddenly boots again. It's not reproduceable how many reconnect tries are necessary...

    The second one is a TX6-P (CS_H6_TX28_V2.5 20191209.L4 / XR819) with the TX6-P label on it. This one reboots just fine.

    So, better than before, but still some reboot issue on the TX6-H (2nd version). Though this is surely no LE issue, but an upstream or hardware-specific one maybe this info could be helpful for you.

    Hi all,

    i noticed a problem with Tanix TX6 and ATF. The box doesn't boot with ATF v2.7.

    Reverting the two affected commits to version 2.4 solves it and the box works just fine.

    Sadly i have no serial console available, so i can't have a detailed look, whats wrong...

    Is this a known problem?



    Hi all,

    sorry for reactivating this old thread.

    Editing the addon_manifest.xml with another package works so far with that command in the package's

    +  ADDON_MANIFEST=$(get_install_dir kodi)/usr/share/kodi/system/addon-manifest.xml
    +  xmlstarlet ed -L --subnode "/addons" -t elem -n "addon" -v "service.locale" ${ADDON_MANIFEST}

    What needs to be done, to get the xml from $(get_install_dir kodi) into the image/system path in the end? Do i need to copy it manually or kick off the copy with a special command or need some other path instead of $(get_install_dir) ?

    Thanks for your help


    Maybe you can send it upstream?

    I guess we should bring the board itself upstream first? Or do you mean upstream libreelec?

    What do you do after shutdown? After shutdown you can only power cycle the board to turn it on again. You can of course try with removing "quiet". I suggest you add "ignore_loglevel" to get even more output.

    I just do a shutdown in kodi and then disconnect the board from power supply. Then i reconnect it again. I still have to do some investigations, because on the HDMI input of my Samsung TV i get the black screen - but today i tried the same Box on a simple HDMI monitor and get Kodi screen again.

    [EDIT]Update: After 3 hard power disconnects, the box goes to black screen even with the monitor. This smells like some random issue... I'll try it later agein. It's strange anyway.... [/EDIT]

    [EDIT2]After disconnecting the board from power for ~10min, it boots again into kodi... Maybe this is a 2GB/3GB mem issue or thermal issue after all?

    Btw, this happens with GitHub - rellla/ at eachlink_working, which is simply the Tanix Image with kernel parameter fix and the remote added...

    With the other branches, i don't get networking up. But therefore I have to look into the dts for the differences.

    By device you mean board? Devices in Allwinner project are actually SoCs. There is no way to set board specific kernel options. However, you can make SoC specific options. Just move that line in options file in appropriate device subfolder.

    Yes, board. Thanks for your answer. So best would be to find a way, how this could be fixed within the driver?

    jernej: I created a branch for the Eachlink H6 Mini here: GitHub - rellla/ at eachlink-h6mini

    Libreelec builds, i will check, if it works tonight.

    [Edit]The image works. It starts, resizes flash and starts again. Kodi works fine - but sadly it doesn't come up again as soon as i did a shutdown or disconnect. I get signal on HDMI. It's kind of a console ... i can see my inputs with keyboard and remote, but thats it. No network, just black screen.

    Would i get kernel messages, if i drop the “quiet“ option?[/EDIT]

    Btw, is it possible to set at eachlink-h6mini · rellla/ · GitHub depending on the device?


    jernej: Ok, hdmi setting is enough, to get it up. And this is the keymap for Eachlink H6 Mini remote control:

    But i still have the problem, that the box doesn't come up after a reboot anymore... And i don't know how to debug it without UART....

    By "reboot" you mean soft reboot, right? Usually that means that kernel crashed at shutdown. Uart output would help :)

    ok, good to know, thanks!

    No. As soon as i have shut it down, either via menu or cutting power supply, it doesn't come up again. On HDMI i can see what i type in with the keyboard, but it doesn't go further. Network isn't available, too. I have to check that, but wondered if there is a simple reason for that behaviour...

    jernej I can report success with my Eachlink H6 Mini. Though I couldn't connect the UART because i have v1.2 which is missing the resistor. While soldering i damaged the pads :/

    But i simply took the Tanix Image and added "mem=2048M video=HDMI-A-1:e" to the kernel options. It works fine now.

    Next is to get up the remote control and check if anything doesn't works as expected. Thanks for sour work.




    as far as i understood, the tanix-tx6 image should work with the Eachlink H6 Mini regarding to my resarch here and elsewhere.

    Is this supposed to work ootb or are there any tweaks necessary to get it work? I simply flashed my SD-Card with the image and fed it to my Eachlink H6 Mini, but i get nothing on HDMI. The device isn't reachable via network, too.

    If i misread it and the Eachlink still needs some work, i will probably try to implement it...

    Thanks for any hints :)