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    • Using Raspberry Pi 4 (2gb)
    • LibreELEC 9.2.0
    • Playing 4K Video from USB
    • Known good power supply
    • Official mini-HDMI to HDMI cable


    As the title says when I try to back into the menu while a video is playing the screen goes black and won't come back. A hard reset is required. This does not happen with 1080p video.


    New to the community and I've installed LibreELEC on my Raspberry Pi4 using the latest (9.2.0).

    I rely on Plex for most of my media so the first thing I did was install the Plex Addon. However when I go to play 4K content I get very poor performance.

    My internet is more than good enough (500/500) and I am using Ethernet. I can see from the statistics that Kodi is using 100% of CPU core one. So it leads me to believe something is not taking advantage of the PI's hardware. Any ideas how to improve performance here?

    Any tips or suggestions would be helpful :saint: