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    It's really unfortunate that Emby has an actual plugin you can just install from the Libreelec repository for a server and it just works instantly but Plex does not and have you to go through this entire mess to get a Plex server to work. Updates are a pain in the ass, it still just dies sometimes and stops working for no reason, it's a disaster. I feel like this could be so much better.

    Could you please tell what where these settings were? I have the same issue as you?

    Here is the plex.service file I ended up using and it solved my issue right away. Make sure your paths match.

    So I recently upgraded from an older version of LibreElec to 9.2.0 and have found that I am no longer able to use the dpkg command to install debian packages, it is simply an unavailable command.

    Is there a reason this command was removed and is there a way for me to add it back? It was always available previous and made my life much easier. Any assistance would be very helpful.


    So I recently updated to LibreElec version 9.2 and found my previous Plex server install had been wiped out. I attempted to use the instructions above from escalade and was able to install app.plex with the script provided, but the service would always fail to run.

    Error Log: Pastebin

    Edit: Resolved by finding and tweaking an alternative version of the plex.service file using more default settings.