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    Tried working around the issue by turning off libdvdcss support for this image (since that's what's causing the problem) and.. it doesn't work?!? I'm building like such:


    And when the image starts to build it seemingly ignores the setting:

    Even though, in the package for kodi, the following is present:

    1. if [ "$KODI_DVDCSS_SUPPORT" = yes ]; then
    3. -DLIBDVDCSS_URL=$SOURCES/libdvdcss/libdvdcss-$(get_pkg_version libdvdcss).tar.gz"
    4. else
    6. fi

    Honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong here or where these configs should be passed in..

    So after fiddling around a bit I've identified something weird. The command that is failing for the kodi target is:

    1. cd /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/ && "PATH=/home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/" autoreconf -vif && /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/ -E touch /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/

    Funnily enough.. when you run the command as follows it works:

    1. cd /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/ && PATH=/home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/ autoreconf -vif && /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/ -E touch /home/cornelia/Documents/Programming/GIT/

    Namely, the issue appears to be the double-quotes around the PATH variable? I'm not sure why they're present in the first place. They shouldn't be necessary.


    And I'm not trying to get a performant build. I'm trying to test something for a PR so that it will eventually be included in LE10 with RPi4 support out the box.

    I have the latest master from the github repo checked out and was attempting to build an image for my RPi4 (I want to test an addon that is currently set up for a pull request in the repo). Unfortunately, the build fails for the Kodi build target and I can't figure out the issue. Here's the log for the failure:

    It looks it's something to do with dvdcss given "FAILED: build/libdvd/src/dvdcss-stamp/dvdcss-autoreconf". Any ideas on what to do to work around this? Am a little lost.

    Hello everyone. I recently set up a Libreelec install on my Raspberry Pi 4 and right away had some CEC issues. I fiddled with it for a while, somehow managed to get it working momentarily, and then when I switched inputs and back it had stopped again. When the system starts up I get the "CEC Connected" message and everything. Not sure what the problem is and would be open to trying any ideas or suggestions anyone might have. Thanks!