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    Hy x96s905x3 max plus libreelec kodi 19

    test there are a version or something possibly?

    please download link.

    I know there is coreelec but it is smoking very much. Previous boxokon I tested it and the libreelecnél is not getting warm at all the box. Concerned loyal ia I am left over.

    Hi I would like to ask it,that the box system the htacces does not know it section?

    Made an epg xml and xml.gz the domain

    Please help. I would like it,if only what I grant devices they can download it the epg files.

    My code:

    conf file:


    Hello everyone.

    My question would be such that single php is my side. And I keep it there the epg file. But persons like that want to pour who would not need him. Onto an own part yes.

    The .HTACCES I did an one like this in a file: that only who I allow they can download it.