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    To date, a reasonable option for the ratio of costs\the result is Ugoos x2pro 4\32 or cube 2\16 (2 GB of RAM is enough to play media content). This model has full support for all elements (including WiFi) on core 5. If you don't need built-in WIFI and need maximum performance, you can use the AM6 (with metal body and excellent passive cooling system). These models use the best Android firmware (with long-term support for updates), with support for universal multi-boot. This means that you can immediately and easily run any modern system (LE, Armbian, Manjaro etc.) from external media (including USB 3.0 with a speed faster than eMMC and no volume limit of up to several terabytes) and fully retains the ability to automatically update the standard firmware via OTA.

    I own RPi 3 with LiberELEC for Kodi but I want to upgrade it because it's a bit slow, stalled (too little RAM) and LAN is not GB.

    Having read the opinions of many of you, I think the best solution is to have RPi 4 with 2 or 4 GB an LibreELEC. Especially as there is likely to be a new kernel within a year.

    The Amlogic S912 is no faster than RPi 4. It supports VP9 codecs, but that codec has no broader application and is of little importance to the Kodi user. 4K is not sufficiently present, especially through Kodi. And these, in my opinion, are the only benefits of the Amlogic S912.

    I may be wrong, but it looks like the S912 and LibreELEC are not fully compatible for now - CoreELEC is reportedly unstable. LibreELEC (TV Headend and Recording Capability) can also be installed on RPi 4, for example a Raspbian buster that serves as a computer.

    If the Amlogic S912 worked seamlessly with LibreELEC, I would buy a TV box like this. The price is very reasonable.

    The Amlogic S922 TV box (Beelink) is more expensive than the RPi 4 and is just a LibreELEC tv box. It's 30% faster, which is interesting for playing games (code TV box). So it's far more reasonable to buy an S912 .... but LibreELEC