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    Yes it should work! I will add the M8 device to the project so I can make a build for it where also the remote control will work.

    Edit: I included the M8 device in the project and made a build you can download here! Feedback is much appreciated.
    Edit2: And source can be viewed here!

    Please ignore my one of the posts there is a link to remote.conf...if you right click save doesn't actually save the saves the info for github into remote.conf lol.
    You have to actually click the link...and copy the that was my experience.

    Everything working fine.

    I need to look through the forum more, but wanted to let you know upon installation the remote control doesn't work.
    I saw a snippet about modifying a remote control file, but that didn't seem to work.

    I will start searching the forum to see if I can find where someone has fixed this already.

    I went back and read this thread...tried the reomte.conf but no luck. It's the M8 with 2gb, square, blue triangle.
    Remote worked with openelec and is the orignal remote that came with the box.

    I put remote.conf in .config