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    As it seems, the issue with washed out HDR content isn't fully fixed yet. For some people it seems to work? I re-checked all my settings and cables. I'm using a deleyCon micro HDMI to HDMI cable (model number may be MK48 according to Amazon). The description doesn't say whether it's 18Gbps or not. On eBay, it says 18Gbps. The cable looks the same, but doesn't provide an exact model number. Can I assume that the cable is 18Gbps or would you guys recommend to get another one that clearly states so?

    HiassofT I do not. Only the TV and RPIs. Other than that, there is only a PS3. I could use my OnePlus 8, but it only has a resolution of 2400 x 1080.

    I tried a few other files as well (Avengers, Harry Potter), all with the same issue. There is definetly a visible color difference. It's not that much, but when you compare it's clearly visible.

    Alrigh I found out something! When I set the image settings on the TV to default, the test video on Kodi becomes almost identical to the one on the TV. Does not apply to my own videos. The movie still looks very different from Plex. I'll create a quick sample and PM it to you.

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    Apparently Kodi doesn't like TS files. Samsung Wonderland Two HDR UHD 4K Demo.ts is exactly what I downloaded. Played it directly on my TV using VLC and it looked pretty good (the TV says HDR is enabled).

    Kodi starts the video, but doesn't play it (it's stuck on the first frame). As of now it's frozen up. Kodi doesn't react to remote control inputs nor SSH. Debug is enable any none of the numbers are changing. The frame doesn't look the same as on the TV though. Seems "washed out" a bit.

    AriaTwoFive if you press "option" on the sony remote you will see if hdr is detected or not, by the look of the white on that kodi screenshot it doesnt look like hdr is enabled? atleast for me the white in the menus is extremely white, could be the camera ofc

    It does show HDR.

    AriaTwoFive could you give the build from the very first post a try (it contains additional logging in the kernel driver) and then post a "pastekodi" log?

    so long,


    I flashed the file through the /storage/.update/ folder, enabled debug, rebooted and started the movie. Here the log:


    The Plex player does not really have any video settings. Kodi is set to default (exceüt Audio Passthrough). Picture settings on my TV are exactly the same for both Kodi, Plex and any other App. I've set it to custom and adjusted it accordin rtings. Those settings give me good picture and HDR results. Even switching between presets doesn't do much to the Image quality in Kodi. It seems quite washed out.

    I also installed VLC on my TV and tried it out. Same result. VLC is perfectly fine, Kodi isn't.

    On my first try on connecting it to the TV, I used the wrong Port (HDMI 1) as it doesn't support 4k HDR. I now connected it to HDMI Port 2, which does. Looks exactly the same as when it's connected to my A/V Receicer (Onkyo TX-NR555). As it seems, it's neither the Receiver nor the TV settings that are the issue.

    There are no actual settings within Kodi as far as I could see that could affect anything. Unfortunately, on the current Kodi build, Plex cannot be installed. Not sure if it would change anything.

    Is there a addon or something I could use to try HDR?

    Tried another movie where the difference also becomes clear:



    Thanks for this build! I updated from the latest nightly (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-nightly-20210210-06bafb5.img.gz), which was installed freshly to the SD card. I tested a few video files via LAN. Audio was fine. In theory, HDR was being played (according to my Sony KD65FX9005), but there was a clear difference in image quality comparing the same scene being played via Plex on my TV itself and Kodi.

    Unfortuantely, the screenshot function doesn't work properly:

    Using my phone, I made this picture from Kodi:

    And from Plex running directly on my TV:

    The difference is visible on the pictures, though it is greater in real life.

    I have attached the log file as well. This is not meant as critique, it's more like feedback. I'm thankful development is going in the right direction :) BTW, I also ran the file locally by copying it over and tried multiple files just to be sure.

    Edit: I literally posted this 3 minutes after you posted the new dev file. I'll update and report back.

    Edit2: No changes after updating.

    Edit3: Cannot upload the edid.dat as *.dat file (the forums won't let me), so I appened .log to it.

    Edit4: Tried connecting the RPI 4 directly to my TV (HDMI 1), same result.