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    new installation of libreelec on my pc

    Installed simple iptv client and added my m3u and epg data which is correct as it works fine on my shield. Used kore app to copy and paste the text over to both machines so I know I havnt misspelled anything.

    Libreelec just dowsnt seem to load anything up. I've rebooted my device,nothing. I've downgraded the addon and installed it again but still...nothing

    want to installed libreelec in my old pc. I've followed guides online on creating a bootable usb.

    Ive used the libreelec USB-sd creator and made sure I've downloaded the genericx86 img gz.

    USB is then made, I change load order in my bios and try to install it from the usb.

    When my bios loads I see an option or text saying onto wait 5 seconds for the installer to load and also see installer, boot, run.

    If I leave it all alone the screen goes blank for minutes on end..nothing at all. If I type run then it boots into libreelec. I see kodi on my screen. That's fine and dandy but I do not want to boot from usb. I want to install it onto my ssd.

    Socket 755 q9550

    Gigabyte 965 ds3p

    Ati black edition 7770

    Samsung evo 120gb ssd