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    well after no success with the tanix tx6 libreelec files I went to the garage and grabbed a old Dell inspiron 570 with hdmi it sacrificed the sound, but I put Sparky Linux dual boot with libreelec so I can learn Linux while I'm at it!

    It's only a dual coreprocessor right now but I have a quad core processor in the garage somewhere I will swap out and add 3rd drive and cd rom

    Fun how these things run on what's normally junk!

    h6 arm


    Absolutely nothing will install on it! Did a libreelec restore and all that got was wizard errors after installing, yes im lazy and just use wizards the delete stuff!

    And also all of the normal kodi addons are missing, screensaver, Yahoo weather, the default kodi repositories etc it's pretty much a useless copy that nothing can be done with!

    Event Log is empty for some reason, hit the submit log files under libreelec configuration

    Cannot get it to show me the errors even under debugging

    Also as I posted in another area this version can toast a sd card! I'm used to the old mxq dual boot and droidbox dual boot, so I didn't realize that this had Linux unmount filesystem command and shutdown command so when it froze up I just reset it and trashed a 8mb sd card!

    At least for windows drive recovery software partition editing software everything is useless on that card!

    filkint That's not a prove. But you can tell why they are doing it. I want technical reasoning.

    Opp-74 I updated OP so you don't need to use search:

    Thanks so much I'm sorry if I'm annoying you all! I'm a mainline pc user and basic dos programming windows editing etc, never learned Linux like I should have in my electronics

    From a windows standpoint this nightly will toast a sd card!

    By that I mean I'm used to either the more refined or older versions of libreelec, not ones that have to do the Linux unmount filesystem command and shutdown command yes I know enough Linux to recognize that.

    I just shut it off without all the shutdown because it froze up on the start up on the first sd card!

    That started because the tx6 display is dead and tv wasn't on right input my fault etc but anyway it toasted a sd card can't erase it even with partition editing software or recovery software!

    I'm looking to try and upgrade the crappie tanix I just bought a couple of months ago and am really really regretting buying it!

    I already tried coreelec they don't support tx6 and I'm not interested in tearing it all apart or manually programming it not worth it!

    The droidbox is a old unsupported version dual boot running outdated libreelec kodi 17.6 one of the 8 versions.

    Is there anyway to force a update on the outdated libreelec already on it?

    The Times I have tried to it seems like it needs special droidbox crap or format.