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    When my Raspi 4 boots up, my Panasonic does not automatically switch to HDM1.I have to press the source button on the remote control first.

    On my Samsung TV, on the other hand, it works.

    Is there anything I can do to make it work on my Panasonic Viesta?


    I wanted to set my "/storage/.config/rc_keymaps/rc-medion-x10-or2x" in /etc/rc_maps.cfg".

    ati_remote rc-medion-x10-or2x rc-medion-x10-or2x

    Unfortunately, /etc/rc_maps.cfg is not writable.

    Is this even the right place? or does it have to be in "/storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg?


    I have a video which is only displayed in the upper left corner of the TV with Raspi 4 and LibreElec 9.2, but on other players (Kodi-Windows,Kodi-Ubuntu) the video plays correctly.

    Other films with this codek will play correctly.


    Try this script, it works reliably for me under Ubuntu.

    Maybe also with Libreelec.