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    I'm aware of how the library uses metadata embedded in each audio file but .wav files don't use metadata. In situations where the library search encounters a .wav file, the directory structure should be used to define the artist, album and song instead of skipping a supported file type.

    Most of my music collection is in .wav format and thats not going to change. I would like to use libreelec but the library tool fails to recognise .wav files even though they can be played one at a time or via manually created playlists. This is extremely frustrating, I would like to control what file formats are filtered from the library. MythTv was able to support .wav files in it's library by assuming the structure of MusicFolder/Artist/Album/Song which is exactly what most people using .wav files are using. Please allow the library to support .wav files. If there is an add-on that allows this, please let me know. Please don't talk to me about .flac or mp3, I really don't care what you like, .wav is what I like.