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    Tried the latest version on my MXIII-G Box with 812 and playing back a x265 video file stutters is there a setting I need to change for this? Im booting Libreelec from a SDcard and tried both streaming the video online and playing it from a usb stick.

    Booting the box to the normal internal OS and running Kodi from android plays the same file smooth without stuttering

    Also I tried to play a 20gb 3D film and that seemed to crash it as well :-(

    Update, I tried again and a fresh install onto SD card and still the same locks up when stopping a video file...

    But I installed -


    And so far its working great :-) oh just one thing Im guessing thats for the 2gb version of the box?

    Do you think it's a problem with Kodi 18 being incompatible with the s812 box?


    Hi, thanks for this.

    I own a MXIII-G Box and just installed


    All works great except one problem... When I press Stop on a video everything freezes and I have to pull the power from the box to shut it down.

    Any ideas?