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    I worked this out in the end and can confirm that this fix has resolved my video stutter issues on LibreElec Leia 9.2.6 :) My max gpu freq was 756. during playback of 720 content on my 1080 display, or any other media requiring upscaling, the gpu freq was dropping and staying at 200. I set the new min freq to be 750 and the stuttering is gone.

    I'm running an old Intel NUC DN2820 with Bay Trail processor and have run into this same frustrating issue with playback - very slight continuous stutter during playback on files requiring upscaling. Would anyone be kind enough to post a step by step guide on creating, saving and running these required bash scripts in order to find out the gpu max frequency, check the frequency during playback and then set the frequency to run at max to achieve the permanent fix please? I don't have any experience with bash scripts or SSH. I've successfully connected to my LibreElec system using ssh in putty after enabling SSH and setting a password inside LibreElec, but now I'm stuck :( Any help very much appreciated

    Hi, am having problems with the openvpn manager addon after a completely fresh libreElec install and setup today. Latest versions of everything downloaded. I also have the embuary skin installed.

    I can set up my PIA connection fine and set primary and secondary servers fine. I can set the vpn to connect before kodi starts. However if I try to disconnect from my primary vpn or change to a different server, I see the message titled "Disconnecting from VPN", the addon seems to hang for 15 seconds while trying to pause the vpn monitor, and then reports "Error, Service not running. Check log and reboot." The original vpn connection remain intact and will not disconnect.

    Can you help please?

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