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    Hi chewitt I have tried compiling both projects, yours and Oleg's, and I can't boot the created images, but Oleg's images from Yandex boot just fine.

    Both my generated images have kernels of around 8,5Mb, but Yandex images have a 25,7Mb kernel. If I copy that kernel and dtbs to the generated images they boot, but I get a syslinux error after LE logo. With my generated images it hangs with the A95X logo, before loading LE logo.

    I have noticed neither of them have the extlinux directory, I guess they use a u-boot that doesn't need it and just uses uEnv.ini.

    I have also tried compiling from a previous commit (5095856) in your repo with kodi 18, but same results, a 8,5Mb kernel that doesn't boot.

    I have followed LE wiki to compile from sources. Created a virtualbox VM with ubuntu 18.04 server, upgraded it, installed dependencies, cloned the repositories in different directories, and run "PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLG12 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=box make image" as a normal user.

    Am I doing something wrong? Maybe missing something?

    Any ideas how can I get a LE kernel able to boot from the git repos sources?


    Yesterday I compiled a LE image from balbes150 git sources master branch, so I get familiar with the process and can try to modify Kodi version and use Leia. Or compile one of his latest commits including Leia.

    Compilation went OK with compile build command:

    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLG12 ARCH=arm make image

    But after burning the image it only had a DTB that didn't boot at all, I think it was from Odroid N2.

    Then I tried with build command :

    PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=AMLG12 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=box make image

    This generated more DTBs in a /dtb directory, and I tried the meson-g12a-u200.dtb for my A95X F2 (S905X2) but it didn't boot.

    Then I copied u-boot.usb from G12 fix directory in balbes150 images to the USB disk with the two dd commands, but no success either.

    I also switched to his amlogic-master branch to try, but it got stuck compiling glibc with an error.

    So no joy atm.

    Any indications? Maybe I'm using the wrong build command?

    I read in a post somewhere that chewitt has a LE git branch for S905X2, I might try that next, but maybe some help would be nice.

    Junoxe There is no 9.2.0 version - hence no links on the download page. LE chose to stop working on the old vendor kernel after LE 8.2 and has been working on moving the Amlogic platform onto a mainline codebase - which is still an ongoing effort. Test images that support S905X2 are here Index of / or you can use balbes150 images which are linked in the first post of this thread.

    The problem is balbes150 deleted the old LE images with Kodi 18 that worked for many people with amlogic (and some more?) devices. I know, not bleeding edge kernel nor kodi, but a working system for many users.

    I have tried Latest images with LE 9.80 in my A95X F2 (S905X2) and G31 graphics -even hardware decoding-, sound and network work great, but Kodi 19 alpha makes the system unusable for many of us, most addons don't work plainly or properly.

    Until things start working with Kodi 19, do we have to use CoreELEC if we need Kodi 18? I see we have no more choice.

    It seems CE breaks Armbian (and LE?) compatibility unless you restore the factory firmware, so we have to choose between having a working system with Android and CE (no Armbian nor LE), or being able to use Android, and just testing with LE and Armbian.

    Maybe he (or someone else) could upload the latest kodi 18 working image? I'm sure many of us would be very thankful.

    Or maybe older LE with Kodi 18 also breaks current Armbian (and LE?) compatibility?

    Panfrost is mostly an all-girl effort and she's 17-years old with a very bright future ahead of her. We have been using it for S912 support for 6+ months now and T820 support recently achieved "all green" on mesa dEQP tests which puts it broadly on-part with the ARM blob - and in some performance tests it completely outperforms the closed-source blob. Panfrost has been checking milestones off but the future direction isn't clear at the moment, i.e. whether development will continue to focus on other aspects of midgard support (OpenCL etc.) or whether they'll start to poke bifrost. Mali blobs exist for bifrost though, so there's no rush. Elsewhere in the LE codebase we've just switched our Rockchip images over to lima/panfrost as part of the bump to mainline kernels (no more Linux 4.4 bsp kernel). Allwinner still needs some work before it can make the same switch, but hopefully it will happen in the near future too.

    For Amlogic HEVC support is being worked upon, but it's not simple. The original firmware(s) have issues, and there are differences in the software implmentation between GX, G12 and SM1 platforms which complicates everything. I've currently dropped the HEVC driver from my working branch so that content is forced through a software-decode path which at least avoids the hard crashing from missing firmware. FFmpeg still needs rework to accomodate other ecent vdec changes (H264/VP9) but I'm hoping it will be looked at in January to be combined with a Linux 5.5 bump.

    VIM3L is already supported in my working tree so other SM1 (S905X3) devices should be reasonably simple to add support for.

    I have found this GREAT post by odroidn2user explaining hardware accelaration in Amlogic devices, after reading it your post makes much more sense.

    Demystifying Odroid N2 hardware acceleration - ODROID

    Keep up the great work, you are nearly there!!

    Amlogic (and Allwinner/Rockchip) development is focussed on Kodi master branch not the relase K18 branch and overall development on GBM/V4L2 moved beyond the point where it's sensible to backport patches so K18 images are no longer being created and we move forwards. The Python3 add-on situation will improve once the first K19 alpha ships and a greater volume of users demands working add-ons from their creators.

    I understand, but there is no way to download the previous kodi 18 based images? Do we need to compile them from sources?

    Some of my most used addons don't work with kodi 19, when they do I will try your latest images for sure.