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    Many thanks also from my side CvH for taking care of this! It might be a small thing but as kurai pointed out it's always nice to have the LibreELEC feed in Kodi. If you are able to provide both Atom and RSS even better. :) Feel free to update this thread once the update has been deployed on the server so that we can enable our feeds again. Again appreciate you taking care of that "patch".

    For whatever reason the inbuilt Kodi RSSReader ticker cannot parse this particular feed, even though it checks out fine on the W3C validator.

    I copied the XML to my local webserver and chopped out all the article entries, in case it was a parsing issue with one post, but even with just the barebones XML feed structure it still failed to parse it.

    Just found this thread and was curious about the same thing: since December or so, the LibreELEC Newsfeed in the built-in Kodi RSS Feedtool had stopped and after some testing, it turned out that the Kodi Feed functionality is not able to parse the LibreELEC feed url - so thanks for confirming kurai ;) In fact, if you try to enter into the Kodi RSS mask, it won't let you save and it complains about an unsupported or invalid url - very weird.

    Since the LE feed validates properly (as confirmed as well), would this be a bug with the Kodi RSS widget? I know it's a minor issue, but always loved having the latest news posts from LE at the bottom of my TV when using Kodi/LE. :)

    LibreELEC 9.2.0 / Kodi 18.5

    Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard
    Intel NUC 815BEK

    I am in the process of setting up a new Media PC based on an Intel NUC. Everything works so far, except that I cannot get my Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard to pair via Bluetooth. The NUC has Bluetooth 5.0, while the K830 Keyboard has "Bluetooth Smart" which is basically Bluetooth 4.0.

    Bluetooth itself is enabled on the NUC and also in LibreELEC. When I navigate in Kodi (via an old wired Keyboard) to "LibreELEC" -> "Bluetooth", the K830 shows up. I then bring the Keyboard into Bluetooth pairing mode and click on "Trust and Connect" ... but then after a few seconds I just get an error which says: "Bluetooth error. Software caused connection abort". When I click on "Pair" instead, I get an error which says "Authentication failed" (see attached screenshots).

    I would prefer to use the built-in Keyboard Bluetooth over the Logitech Unifying Dongle. Any idea why I cannot pair the K830 Keyboard via Bluetooth with my Intel NUC?

    Here is a Debug Log:

    Any help is highly appreciated!