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    chewitt thanks much, good info and good to know LE is on top of it. Such a strange progression of errors the config causes, that it causes quite a bit of head scratching and frustration. Thanks again for the info it saved me a lot of time.

    chewitt thank you much. Seemed to solve the problem, and it occurred to me I may have misunderstood the nature of the solution, in that it may not be changing a default but rather adding a config setting? Either way the fix is much appreciated.


    Not sure why this thread became so hostile, but there certainly seems to be a problem with the Pi4 WiFi with Libreelec ver. 9.2.0+

    I have had nothing but problems recently, and I'm a Network Engineer with 27 years of experience. I'm using ASUS routers and they function perfectly.

    Today the issue culminated in my Pi4 failing with i/o errors.

    Changing channels etc... is not a solution, it is a work around. Changing to channel 10 is certainly not a solution, especially if the end user has neighbors congesting those frequencies (Which for me is the case).

    I understand that Libreelc is Open Source and a volunteer project but also think anyone offering solutions here should understand that it is extremely frustrating for those trying to solve BASIC connectivity failures, to find such a severe lack of information on the subject.

    All that said I hope someone here has some knowledge to offer on the subject. I'm going to do a full reset, and luckily I have a backups I can restore from, but I have no confidence it will resolve the issue, as it seems to be very common and very persistent.

    Any info would be helpful and I offer my sincere thanks in advance.

    chewitt in regards to echo "options cfg80211 ieee80211_regdom=GB” > /storage/.config/modprobe.d/cfg80211.conf is there a reason the region is not pulling from the Kodi config or is not part of the set up options during install? I would think that the region should be part of the initial setup and not just defaulted to GB as I would guess that the vast majority of users are not in Great Britain. Any rate thank you for the tip, I will connect the pi to my laptop and give that a try.


    I installed the script and ran it to monitor temp and the stats show:

    ARM Core H264
    600Mhz 500Mhz 500Mhz

    Why does the Core and H264 show at 500Mhz?

    I am new to this hardware and I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing. shows those stats in red so I thought I should ask.

    Thanks in advance.

    Note: This appears to be a TMM issue, or an issue of my mis-understanding of NFO data. I can connect and the data is imported into the database from the library, so this post can be disregarded or deleted. Thanks for all the hard work on LibreElec, much appreciated.

    Update 12/27/19:

    I did a recovery on the unit for a fresh LibreElec install after finding that no movie data would load unless I was connected to the internet. There could be any number of add-on issues causing that, so with a fresh install I found that all my local NFO and Art would scan in without issue. I am now going to try reloading MariaDB and see what happens without any additional add-ons and standard skin. Fingers crossed.

    Okay well the issue seems to be that anytime the network (LAN) disconnects the database stops.

    If I unplug the network cable the DB stops.

    I understand that Mariadb is tied into the networking, but the database should not be entirely dependent upon an active network connection to run locally. Granted, that running MariaDB is primarily to share the library with other kodi installs on the network, but there are many other reasons to run an SQL database for Kodi.

    I solved the issue by simply blocking the LibreElec appliance from reaching the internet, and that allowed me to test and confirm that LibreElec will run the database independent of the internet. So that solved my problem, as I am building a system for a friend that has no internet access. Still I think that LibreElec should be able to run the database from a local drive, without an active network connection. My two cents anyway. Could be a configuration change is all that is needed, and I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

    I don't work with databases every day but I was able to get this up and running, and I can remote in and query the data, so I'm sure my other Kodi instances will connect.

    Only problem I see, is that when I look at the movie table, c08 and any of the art column / fields are pulling data from TMDB. i.e. <thumb aspect="poster">hxxp://</thumb>

    I use Tiny Media Manager, and pre-scrape all the art work and NFO files before loading the media into Kodi, so I want those local sources only.

    Prior to installing the database, I cleared my library and re-scanned using local sources only. All my NFO's and art are already on the drive.

    Why is it pulling from external sources?

    A little clarity would be good here. I can't see where the "default" setting is that is causing the database to fill in that data from internet sources.


    P.S. love the LibreElec running on Pi 4 just love it. Great work keeping the project up and running. There are little quirks here and there, but heck, that's what makes it so much fun to implement. Thanks to all involved. :):thumbup: