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    Run systemctl status service.hyperion and check if it has correctly picked up the delay.conf drop-in. You should see the systemd service loaded from the kodi addon-folder and the Drop-In loaded from the systemd config folder

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    Unit service.hyperion.service could not be found.

    I installed it via HyperCon. I tried to install it from the libreelec repository but the installation fails. I guess this at least explains why the delay won't happen.

    Beginning with 9.1.502 my HDMI signal crashes on a cold boot as well. So I wanted to try your workaround to delay Hyperion.

    Unfortunately the delay doesn't work.

    The start up rainbow swirl of Hyperion happens right on the LibreElec bootscreen no matter how much time I put in the config file.

    Do you have any idea why that might be? I put your code into a file "delay.conf" in a new folder "service.hyperion.service.d" into the "system.d"-folder. Thanks for your help!

    For the time being I have to stick to 9.1.501 where it never crashes on boot.