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    Sound works great for me (passthrough and pcm) on my x5-z8300 Tronsmart. Note that 4.13 for the first time properly enumerates all the audio devices on cherry trail so you'll need to re-select your audio device and choose the correct one. Also for your asound.conf, for me it's


    Thanks very much :)! But i installed a official release and the newest one (at least) support our processor. I only used the kodi part ;).


    i used your build mainly because it was the only build that supports hdmi audio out on x5-Z8300 „Cherry Trail“ (Orbsmart AW-06 Plus) box. Till the build from 20170908 everything works normal but in later builds audio out seams broken. I think it was the change to 4.13 kernel. I've testet nearly every build since then but always reverted back to the last 4.12 kernel build i have (from 08.09.2017).

    Sorry for no logs, but first i want to ask if it is a known problem? Do you know if the official generic build (at least the latest beta) support my device/processor hdmi audio out?

    First i will thank you for the wonderful image! It is the only one i know so far that support Cherry Trail platforms (because of the 4.11 kernel).

    I've managed to enable and start the tigervnc-system service, but i can't log in. What is the default password ("libreelec" doesn't work)? Howe to change or delete the default password (i only use VNC in my LAN)?