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    I have LibreElec 8.0.2 with Kodi 17.3 installed on my Venz V10 S905, to be used in my car. The car does not have HDMI so I need to use the AV out on the Venz, however, I am not getting any output on the AV out connector. HDMI works fine when I test it with a normal TV, but not AV out.

    Is it possible to get video on the AV out? How do I set it up?

    Thanks, ThomasX


    I have a Venz V10 and need to have video and audio output on the AV out connector, is this possible with LibreElec Kodi?
    I currently have LE 8.0.2 installed with Kodi 17.3 and I am not getting any video out on the AV connector.