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    Hi everyone, for some time I have been having problems with libreelec on the raspberry pi4 8 gb. It basically reboots several times a day without knowing why. I don't think it's a power problem because even with the original charger it gives problems. It shouldn't even be the SD, because with the pinn system the other S.O. Raspbian and Batocera, do not give problems.

    I tried to understand from the crash files what the problem is, but I can't figure it out because dozens of lines with errors and warnings appear ...

    I don't know where to put my hand to solve.

    Could you give me a hand?

    I am attaching the the latest crash log link

    Thanks for your support.

    giggi_80 Cyberghost supplied the config files, e.g this commit Remove parameters from locations file by cristianaghe · Pull Request #51 · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager.providers · GitHub

    If there's a problem with them, then the issue lies with their support to solve. You have a great question though, I don't know why it's so difficult for them to describe how their service works. Alternatively, you could look at how the router is being set up, what parameters are being used and make your own ovpn file and then suck it into VPN Mgr using the User Defined wizard. Requires some effort/knowledge though for sure.

    rav3k I'd need to see an example ovpn file from the Windscribe website here so I can compare with their latest. PM it to me.

    Hi Zomboided, thanks for the support. I know what you say, every time I ask for support they say nothing other than what is already on the web, they say they can only provide support for the app but not for other devices like libreelec. I saw the file you attached, could you tell me how to use it to try to solve? Alternatively there would be a guide to create a custom openvpn (for example with specifics dns. and certificates)? Unfortunately I am not an expert and I have difficulties in configuring the files I am a simple lover of computers.

    Thanks again for your support :)

    Hi everyone, for a month or more I have been having problems with VPN manager and Cyberghost, which I have already contacted, but they have not been able to give me answers.

    When I set up the vpn with user defined (and also with wizard) I can connect to the servers and the vpn seems to be ok, the ip is actually the same as the set Italian server, the fact is that despite this, many Italian TV services are unreachable because they detect that I am outside my country.

    The curious thing is that if I start openvpn from the openwrt router with the same server (s), the Italian services become reachable again. I can't understand how it is possible that the addon starts, connects to the Italian server, however, it is as if it became transparent, letting the foreign origin be detected.

    I tried to change the dns on the libreelec network settings, in the part called librelec dns server, but nothing is not working ... You may be wondering, and why don't you use the openwrt router to connect to the vpn if it works? Because I want to set the vpn not on all devices but only for Libreelec and Italian TV.

    Would you have a solution? Could I set values on cyberghost's openvpn configuration files? Is there any possible solution?

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Maybe the servers have changed. I need to regenerate them. I also need to fix Cyberghost, but neither is happening until I finish work for Christmas.

    Thanks, I hope you can solve cyberghost problems soon, the program with this vpn has been bad for a long time, it loops continuously and disconnects from the servers.

    Is the openvpn-it.txt something you downloaded from CyberGhost? Looks simply like the server has changed.

    Yes, it's the vpn Italian configuration downloaded from Cyberghost website. You could update the locations.txt in your database o explain to me how update this manually? I'd like can solve this problem and no use "user defined configuration" because automatic configuration is better. Many thanks.

    Hi Zomboided, I hope you can help me at least, because I wouldn't know what to do. For at least a week I have a problem with the Cyberghost vpn connection to the Italian server with libreelec. In practice, all the credentials and certificates downloaded from the Cyberghost website are ok and up to date, I can enter without errors and connect to all the vpn servers I've tried except the Italian one. I asked Cyberghost for help but even they don't know what the problem is, they told me to reinstall the addon and the credentials, which I did a lot of times but nothing ... I don't understand why I just can't connect to the Italian server . It says the address is not known or incorrect, but in reality the credentials are updated. I believe there is a problem of conflict between the stored addresses on open vpn managers and those of the provider vpn cyberghost. The fact is that if I try to manually change the file locations.txt by entering the server address vpn italia (updated) it still cannot connect. I am attaching the error screen in case I know what the problem may be. Thanks again for the availability. A greating