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    Excellent post ivoR. !

    I have a similar setup, but ran into firewall issues on my NFS server. LE would try to mount my NFS shares on random port numbers, which were of course blocked by the firewall. Everything works once I disable the firewall.

    Is your NFS server firewalled? If so, how did you make it work?

    I've not yet found any way to control the expected NFS port from within LE.

    Hi all,

    After spending a few afternoons puzzling together all the tidbits of configuration required, I've got my RPi3 successfully PXE-booting LibreElec 9.0.2 off of my Ubuntu server.

    There is however one final challenge; LibreElec uses random (high) port numbers (seems to vary between 30000 and 50000) to mount my System and Storage NFS shares. My firewall does not agree with this. I had initially set Shorewall to allow ports 111 and 2049 for NFS. Only after disabling Shorewall could the Pi mount the NFS shares and boot to Kodi.

    How do other PXE users handle this?

    Is there a way to control the port used by LibreElec to NFS-mount?

    Or a clever firewall rule to accommodate this in a reasonably secure way?

    Running without firewall, even if it's just on my local LAN, does not feel quite right.

    Thanks for any help!