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    Im having jernej s nightly on my x2 together with the zattoo pvr client. It's working quite well.

    Stable allwinner builds don't exist yet, as the allwinner bsp kernel is stuck at around 3.4 no more usable nowadays.

    Stable builds on mainline kernel are still a while away.

    I want to install tvheanded pvr addons but it gives me an error and also simple iptv.
    In addition to not being able to install libreelec in the internal memory.
    Is it a limitation of these devices? For being already old?


    Hello friends, I am looking for a stable version of libreelec for beelink x2 (H3), because the current one in the forum does not allow me to install in the internal memory and I cannot install any pvr client.

    Could you tell me some link to install a stable version that I can do these 2 things?

    Thanks and regards