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    Hello Zomboidded,

    What I understand is, that CG changed her servers in december 2019 en now vpnmanager is not working.

    Example new server:

    vpmanger still connect to older server:

    then u get: Cannot resolve host (beacuse old server?)

    Then the workaround should be replacing the older server with the new on in "LOCATIONS.txt" but vpnmanger ignore this and

    still try to connect to the older server.

    I this right?

    Now the latest version of vpnmanger is: 6.3.4 and this problem is from december 2019.

    The question is will be CG be supporterd again bij vpnmanger and when and is there a better workarround?

    Thanks in advance.

    You shouldn’t need to reboot, as soon as the VPN is gone, the network connection should return (it does for me, I switch the VPN off based on addons all the time across Windows and Linux based platforms).

    It’s conceivable that the Netflix addon is doing network things before the VPN Mgr addon gets a chance to disconnect and subsequently getting upset and hanging that the network is not there/has been pulled from under it. The VPN Mgr addon needs the Netflix addon to start to know to filter it - this aspect is never going to change.

    Either the Netflix addon needs to be more tolerant or you can do something like create a keymapping to disconnect before starting the Netflix addon. Or you could script it to disconnect and then start Netflix.

    Please can u give me the script to disconnect and then start Netflix.

    is this killall? is this with .py or bin/sh'

    What I still don't understand is way the Addon-Filter works in Kodi running on windows and not on Libreelec.

    same version kodi 18.2, VPN Mgr addon 6.3.1 and Netflix Addon

    When I delete the COOKIEXXXX in \userdata\addon_data\ and reboot, than it seems to work better.

    Is there a script to delete this COOKIE after shuthown kodi?

    But that's the problem Netflix won't strart exept when vpn disabled mannualy & reboot again without vpn.

    I have also tried older version of the Netflix plugin: this is the latest working version with vpn manger and filter settings to exclude Netflix from the addons

    from to not working with the exclude addon filter in vpn manager

    This probem is only in Libreeec I have tested this in windows and is working with the latest 1.5.8

    I have already excluded Netflix from the addons that use a VPN in filter settings.

    I also see the message from vpn manager "disconnected...." but this don't solve the problem.

    it's like there is a delay in passing the exception to Netflix Addon

    vpn manager & Netflix addon exlude freezes Netflix

    LibreELEC generic 9.0.2 on an intel nuc with latest

    First thanks for this great addon I'm verry happy with it exept this:

    I have excluded the Netflix addon in vpn manager, but when I open the addon it hangs in loading screen.

    Please is there a setting that I can try to make this work, because I don't want set the vpn every time manually off & reboot beacuse this is the only wat to get it work again.

    thanks in advance.