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    What happens is that the movie freezes for about 10 seconds, then the screen goes dark and after some more seconds there is a reboot. This seems to happen only with some HD movies, I haven't noticed it yet with DVD quality movies. Other HD files play ok. Got the Kodi logfile :

    System log:

    My knowledge of Libreelec is slim, so I hope somebody can point me in the right direction.


    Arduino is used by me for peripherals. I have a domotica system in my house with a lot of ESP8266's as temperature/humudity sensors and to read the info from my electricity meter. Previously I tried to use an Arduino Due as a central system, but the lack of a proper operating system made me decide to switch to a NUC. I could have done it with a raspberry pi as well, but my programming skills with Linux and C are not very good, I am a Pascal guy using Delphi. Besides, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Linux. A year or so ago I was looking for a ready to use solution to replace my media-player and Humax tv unit with a combined system and replaced them by two raspberry pi 3B+'s, one as a central tv server (tuner with recording function) and one as a client to display tv channels from the server and video/photo's from my NAS and play music, also from my NAS. Both are running Libreelec and I never regretted this decision for a second.

    Just to be complete, I have always been using NFS for the streaming from my NAS.

    Also, I didn't have any video problems when using dumb switches (non-managed switches). Only when I replaced the simple switches for managed ones did the problems appear. I have never been able to figure out what the cause was, but the buffer setting as in example 4 did the trick.

    @ghfy4: What example did you use?

    I use example 4 when I experienced the same video problems as you. It works fine now.

    About the boot problems I can't help you. Wifi the same, since I use the ethernet port.