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    Tinkering doesn't bother me, however I would prefer something that works, specifically graphically. I've had the first odroid when it first came out and that suffered with a lack of driver support for a long while, in the end I settled with a pi and have been there ever since, as picture quality wise it's hard to beat.

    So when you say still being developed, do you they are not usable yet or they are usable but you get small bugs like artifacts etc?

    Can you give me the full description of the H2 type device?

    Long ago before the odroids, pi's, etc I had a mini pc from Maplin for about £250. It was great and Kodi ran really well (openelec Linux I think) and I had it for years before the fan died (and proved costly to replace), but it lacked in emulator support. So I would be happy with this, preferably fanless and low powered.

    Hi all, as the title states it all.

    After looking at the Nvidia shield for some time, I'm just not sure it warrants the £200 cost for what you get. Therefore I would like a cheaper option which ideally can handle up to GameCube emulation (dolphin) as well as run libreelec, ideally from the same interface (without having to swap SD cards etc.) I currently run a pi3, and as much as I love them, they are always not powerful enough to run decent emulation or now some of the newer 10bit 256 formats.

    Ideally I want one interface which I can switch between Kodi / gaming for under £200.

    Is this possible or do I need to spend a bit more?