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    Ok, maybe it can decode, but it doesn't solve my problem. Why isn't the passthrough on only HD-DTS not working anymore?
    I think it has to do with the Mesa driver, but I'm not sure. That's why included a log. I'm cannot understand the log, it says something about large audio sync error and broken pipe. What is going on? It should work, cause my hardware is supported by Libreelec.


    Can you please help me out?
    I've build a new HTPC, changed my GPU to AMD, so I can decode HEVC 10 bit. Works fine.
    Only one problem.

    I cannot decode DTS-HD (DTS-X) anymore. Sometimes DTS format is buggy as well. No issues on Atmos, True HD , and DD.
    Before this GPU, I had no problems with audio at all.
    With passthrough disabled, it works fine, but I don't want to do that.

    some extra info:

    I'm using a dual boot. On win10 no issues at all. But I want to use LibreElec. :thumbup:
    Receiver: Pioneer VSX 1131
    TV: Philips 65PUS7601
    HTPC: Intel i36100 @ 3,7GHZ, AMD Radeon RX580 8.GB MSI

    LibreElec: 9.1.502. I also tried other versions. Sometimes normal DTS stutters on Leia versions. On Krypton no sound at all.

    I can also provide a log:

    Kind regards!

    Hello everybody,

    Please some advise.

    I've build a HTPC (LibreElec) and everything works fine.
    I want to play HEVC files (10bit) and I know it won't work with my Nvidia Geforce 1050ti, Only up to 8 bit.
    So I bought a new GPU ( AMD Radeon RX 550) and it worked. Beautiful!
    Only one issue. Now DTS HD, DTS X, DTS won't work anymore. A lot of stuttering in audio playback and some digital disturbances. Dolby True HD etc. still works fine?!? It all worked perfect with my Geforce.
    I tried several builds of LibreElec, but it didn't help. There were more similar threads on this forum, but all unsolved. I've returned this GPU, and finally my question:

    Which GPU to buy?

    Kind regards!