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    Replie bought another Kingston 16 GB SD card this time wrote the image using DD command on macbook same problem DOES NOT BOOT after first power off. My RPI4 only boots to NOOBS with out a problem but no LibreELEC. Is there a previous file to the 9.1.502 that i can a try.

    Hi what is PSU and i just bought this card its Kingston 16Gb (from the Dollarstore lol true ) but i was packaged and brand new has never taken out the card from the Raspberrypi while system is on. Have had shotdown the system by using the power swith once and thats where its started. But I am going to get another SD card and see if it helps.

    Hi I have wrote the image LibreELECRPI4.arm-9.1.502.img.gz to and SD card inserted it into RaspberryPI4 it boots for the first time and Reboots fine though Kodi but when i shut the power off to Raspberrypi4 Libreelec wont boot and i have to write the image to the SD card again.Please look into it.Is it a write image or what other things can cause RaspberryPI4 not to boot after the power OFF.