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    I have a number of Minix X8H-Plus boxes that have been running LibreELEC 16 for a few year.

    12 Months back I had tested LibreELEC 17 from an SD card.

    Recently I updated them to LibreELEC 17 using the update directory method using this build


    I have tried to upgrade to 18 using builds from post 1 using the the update directory method.

    However I always get the message that the build is not compatible with X8-H_PlusGen1.arm hardware

    I also tried to burn 8.3 to SD and booted with toothpick but I end ups with a message after the 120 seconds as below

    invalid argument...

    ...3.0.28 2015-05-16

    read only file system

    1.49.9 (8 Feb... only file system while /dev/mmcblk0p2


    fsck failed .... Your system is broken beyond repair


    if I boot the box without sd it goes to internal 17.7 fine.


    This morning I went back and put the 8.3 tar from page 1 + .ncompat in the 17.6 update directory.

    This worked and I now have 18.3 installed.

    However it appears the repositories are a bit strange

    I compared to my RP3 and both have LibreELEC Add-Ons 9.01 but when I go in there is way less categories and in particular PVR clients has old versions listed that ar not compatible.

    eg PVR Clients

    Argus TV is on PI and in Minix box

    The Enigma2 Addon I need is not listed just the old VU+ one.

    Is there a way to clean out the repository structure ?

    I tried a complete reset of Libreelec and now when I try to access the Libreelec repository it says it can't connect ?


    The problem is that the LibreELEC Add-Ons Repository - Team LibreELEC - 9.0.1 is not available to download .

    Any advice would be appreciated