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    Probably it will be easier to say what tuner you are using then just RTL2832U...

    Usually if the scan fails is either because there are no TV channels on that mux or you have poor reception..

    So if your tuner is recognized by tvheadend...start with creating a network for your area from the ready made

    pre defined muxes...then go back to your adaptor and assign that network..then scan.

    If it will fail try the Generic pre defined list (takes longer to scan)but has almost all dvb-t muxes included so you can t go wrong with that.

    It is just a generic tuner. i got it from tv-card-usb-wireless-transmission-receiver-ads-b-tuner-audio-computer-video-capture-rtl2832u-r820t-dvb-t-i.64917281.6700767213

    Also my tuner appears on tvheadend, so does it automatically means my tuner is supported?

    My area does not have a ready made pre-defined muxes. And my area is using dvb-t2.

    Or maybe i have to install some sort of drivers for it but i do not know how to.

    Thanks for replying though. :)

    hey. I’m using a RTL2832U USB Tv tuner. Here’s what I already did.

    -DVB tools

    -crazy cat

    -w_scan (works)

    however, mixes scanning results is always fail. Is it my USB tv tuner that is not working?

    But if w_scan starts to scan does it mean my tv tuner is working?

    If it’s not working, I’ve downloaded a firmware (.gz) I’m not sure how to install.

    Help would be appreciated!