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    Hey thx , but still unusable for me:

    on wetek play 2

    sounds are ok , then lauch a movie that trigger passthrough with my receiver , then stop the movie and no sound at all exept if it use passtrough

    I must reboot :(

    This bug doesn't exist on coreelec (If it helps)


    Just test yesterday the upgrade to last alpha (.009)

    I have an onkyo receiver , work perfect with kodi 17.6

    At boot , ui sound / music / tv / video ok

    If I launch a dolby movie : it works , paththroug is enable and receiver see that , movie play fine ( just take a little bit longer to switch).

    If I stop movie , all other sounds are OFF , nothing play , reciever says that their is no sound over hdmi send.

    I must reboot.

    In log I see AE sink going to analog then hdmi then analog and no error even in debug log.

    Hello ,

    Now ( in my opinion) snmp addon is fully fonctionnal in master branch.

    At least for me it's ok.

    If someone need something missing , tell me , I'll look !

    Hi !

    I have change PKG_URL with that : V5-7-patches.tar.gz

    And it ends with that :

    Nevermind , it's just a test with recent patch , but actual 5.7.3 compile and work fine !

    Hello , this was discuss in the PR , and this morning , I 've tried build le 5-7-patches branch.

    That was unsuccessful , compilation stop with and error.

    So this branch don't compile :/

    I can compile it for you if you want to test before the pull request ( I can only test on wetek play2)

    What the PROJECT and ARCH for your material ?

    1. PROJECT=RPi2 ARCH=arm


    Hi Guys,

    After searching many thing , I finally have a fully fonctionnal snmp on my wetek-play 2

    first updating config.sub in net-snmp source , then the most important part

    1- Don't enable mini agent !!! at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    line 46.

    Because mini agent is just useless

    1. 'The "mini-agent" is effectively the standard agent, but with almost
    2. none of the MIB modules included. (Just those "essential" for the
    3. operation of the agent).

    system mibs was not present , for exemple , snmpwalk with mini agent : 135 lines , without : 3000+

    2- compile statically because libsnmpagent don't link as a separate .so file

    I can submit a pull request if needed !


    On wetek play 2 ( aarch64) this addon miss two .so file and

    Log during compilation

    1. ...
    2. libtool:   error: error: relink '' with the above command before installing it
    3. ...
    4. libtool:   error: error: relink '' with the above command before installing it
    5. ...