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    Maybe it is a stupid question and not so important, but is from some versione that I don't see anymore the kodi splash screen at start.
    When I boot my device, I see the libreelec spalshscreen, After that there is some second of black screen and the system start in home.

    All work correct so is not a problem, but is possible to re-acrivate kodi splash screen?
    I don't changed setup in Kodi, and I'm unable to find similar setum (if exist).

    Many thanks.

    KII pro, I have a lot of problem when start the system with 3 HD connected to USB ports.
    A lot of time, I'm able to see only one HD by time. After many restart, I see all HD but sometimes system restart without reason.
    I updated from afl1 build

    willyfan You have ssv6051 WiFi chip - another one without drivers, yay!

    You can try doing this:

    mkdir -p /tmp/system
    mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    modprobe cfg80211
    modprobe --force /tmp/system/lib/ssv6051.ko

    And see if WiFi works... but most probably it won't.

    at last command I receive the error:

    modprobe: FATAL: Module /tmp/system/lib/ssv6051.ko not found in directory /lib/modules/3.14.29


    This doesn't look good... Please get a list of Android kernel modules:

    mkdir -p /tmp/system
    mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    find /tmp/system -name *.ko

    michael123 Thank you! And I thank everyone who donated!


    There is a new cheap Chinese WiFi chip in some of the boxes that does not have drivers available. You can check what chip you have by running udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio*.

    Hi kszaq, this is the results of the command above:

    P: /devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
    E: DEVPATH=/devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
    E: MODALIAS=sdio:c07v3030d3030
    E: SDIO_CLASS=07
    E: SDIO_ID=3030:3030
    E: SUBSYSTEM=sdio

    Did you try one of the "realtek" device trees?

    You can open the box and take a picture of the PCB. Then we might be able to help you further.

    Not being able to switch a powered off box with the remote is an issue many boxes have. Current understanding is that in order for this to work, the manufacturer needs to make sure that the u-boot bootloader correctly recognizes the remote signal. This takes extra work, so with the cheap boxes, it often is neglected. My MXQ Pro 4k simply switches the hdmi output in its android firmware when I push the button.

    Tried realtek trees, same results.
    I will take a picture in the night. There is some operation in android in order to have more info about chipset? The box start ok in android...

    No people with MXQ pro?

    Hi All, I have some problem with a MXQ pro 4K box.
    I installed the last version on SD with restart & upgrade method because the box don't have a reset button. All is ok, libreelec is installed.
    But I tried many device trees and wifi don't work. Tried gxbb_p200_1G_mxq_pro_4k.dtb, gxbb_p201.dtb, gxbb_p200_1G_100M.dtb.
    No way.
    Wired is working.
    USBs are all working.
    Beside, another problem is that the box don't go on with remote, I need to disconnect and connect power.
    Someone can help me?

    This is the exact my situation. I add also that with last version beta 6 the drivers for DVb don't work with tvheadend. I the configuration I see only one device (dvb-t). And this version don't scan with a external dbv-t key.
    Beta5n and n1 are working OK but not scan with Internal.
    I have the same box, a kii pro.

    With last version (beta6) installed on a KII Pro the dvb adapters is not working on my system with tvheadend. Downgraded on beta 5n1 is working. I performed scan with a external key, but beta 6 don't work. Tried also to upgrade after scan, no results.
    VDR is working also with beta 6 (dvb-t) but no scan.
    All version have many problem with USB, because if I connect hard drive, they don't mount. Only one USB is working ok.

    I tried the scan with VDR and TVHeadedend for DVB-T
    Both don't work.
    Please notice that with old libreelec version (7.02) VDR scan was working, but not TVheadend.
    If I copy the VDR folder from old installation to the new, I'm able to see channels, but not add it if needed because scan don't find channels. I checked this with a incomplete channel config in both installation. In the old the scan find 5 new channels, in the new no channel found.
    Beside, scan is slowest a lot.

    Can I do something in order to help the fix of this problem?

    Hi all, please one information.
    I'm using this build, but I seen that kszaq updated his build (without internal tuner support) at
    But I have a lot of problem that the kszaq build don't have, like the system that don't switch at 24p, ans sometimes freeze at start. Is not possible to update this version?
    I know also that there is a 7.90 alpha, but is alpha so I guess is not stable.

    Confirm. Dvb-t and dvb-s work well with vdr server (in k1 /k2) and vdr client. In addition you can find many guide for the Epg and logos.


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    Yes, VDR work in Italy. But not very well. LCN don't work and I have a lot of audio drop, all problem that don't have the Android original image. Tvheadend fail the scan, but I was able to find some channel manually, and it work better than VDR. Quick EPG, no audio drop, and LCN. So I wish a tvheadend that don't fail scan, is a better solution.

    William Fanelli