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    Ok, I got it working. You need to:

    1. change the "-v /storage/.config/dockers/transmission/downloads" line to your external path

    (for example: -v /media/MYDRIVE/MyDownloads:/downloads \)


    2. in the web UI, set the "Download to:" field to /downloads

    You are my HERO!

    The only thing I had to do was to change the "download to:"

    Unfortunately still not working. I've tried everything from this topic. The only thing i get is that transmission download files to my SD card where is libreelec system, not for external HDD. Now SD card is full, i cant even downlad pluggins and cant find the files.

    Same here, different: I could not found it on my SD. The transmission ( or deluge ) told me that it's on my external HDD but, there is nothing.

    Joe984 hepled me:

    Ok, I got it working. You need to:

    1. change the "-v /storage/.config/dockers/transmission/downloads" line to your external path

    (for example: -v /media/MYDRIVE/MyDownloads:/downloads \)


    2. in the web UI, set the "Download to:" field to /downloads

    Works also for me.

    great news.

    I was trying and install the Docker add on.

    in this addon repo are not all programms from the fleet site.

    When i connect the RBi with the ssh and I copy paste the code I only get the message: -sh: docker: not found

    I was hoping it is so easy,... but...

    Thanks for the help

    edit: I reinstalled it and now I get to the docker.

    whats the code for Qbittorrent?

    And the power supply is the original?

    Power supply is very important when it comes to hardware failures.

    Power Supply was first an 2 Amps supply, with that ist was running the first 2 weeks and is running with that on the other display.

    I tested an 12Amps supply with the same outcome.

    Did you try both hdmi outputs?

    Here only the one near the usb power slot outputs a video.

    Yes, both.

    But I testing different things mostly only with the HDMI 0 output near the power supply plug.


    Edit: now with an brand new HDMI-Cable it works with the LG TV ( again).

    I don't get it, but it's ok.

    If it happens that suddenly, then perhaps we shouldn't rule hardware failure... I hope I'm wrong.

    So I got an new RB 4. Same problem.

    But now I tested the output on 3 different devices.

    On LG OLED, the original place of the RB 4 and were that worked 2 weeks, still no signal.

    At my BenQ Pc monitor, signal.

    At my old Samsung also signal.

    I was using diffent cables, same cabels, diffent and same adapters.

    The LG shows that "HDMI x is ready" but I didn't get an signal.

    LG tells me, if other devices works, thats not their failure.

    And idea from you?


    I have an similar problem.

    After about 2 weeks of running an RB 4 with libeelec 9.1.501 suddenly without an update or another change, the CEC doesn't work.

    After a few tries to fix that and some reboots, I didn't get an Video Signal.

    An RB 3 with the same HDMI-cable works fine, the mirco HDMI to HDMI adapter change had no effect.

    An new install of Kodi change nothing.

    I can reach the RB4 via SSH.