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    Interesting, thanks for your input. I had to try right away. I used a sample with Dolby HD and DTS MA in a highly non sciency test back and forth for about 30min between 5.1 7.1 and passthrough. My reciever was set to Neural:X and the same volume through out. My speaker setup is 5.1.4

    7.1 seemed to give a better enveloping surround sound than 5.1.

    7.1 was also slightly better than passthrough, sounded as it might have given slightly higher volume somehow...

    Highly subjective and spontaneous.

    DTS HD Master Audio is losslessly decoded to PCM 5.1/7.1 (and the Pi4B supports 192k/24bit at 5.1/7.1 and isn't limited to 4.0 at 192k as previous models are, I believe) - so it's only Atmos that your Home Theatre is crying for? (Or is stream metadata vital for your use case??)

    Speaking for myself, besides Atmos I would prefer my reciever to do the decoding since it is "recoding" for my height speakers anyway. And I imagine it is better to let my dedicated (and quite expensive) reciever do the decoding even when I go with 5.1 straight.


    I haven't tested it yet, but big thumb up for no tearing GUI, if it's true.

    Did someone tested if HBR audio is fully supported (DTS HD MA and Dolby Atmos)?. That's what I want so bad on my RPi4. My home theatre just crying.

    Nope no hbr audio passthrough yet. I am also hoping for this.