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    What other operating systems have been tried using the Raspberry Pi 4 with a Samsung TV ?

    I searched the Kodi Forums and couldn't find any threads with this issue. I did find a thread in the forum but it's not that clear. Here's a link: forum

    I recommend asking for help there

    I'm having same issue with Raspbian on my Samsung TV...

    And it was my very first experience with a Raspberry... what a nightmare for me to understand what was happening and managing to install everything without screen and understanding if the issua was with the device, with the SD card or the cable or whatever...

    Only when I turned of and on the TV I saw for a split second the desktop image and confirmed that the issue really was with the communication between TV and Raspberry. Then, with an old, small, "crappy", lcd TV it worked with no problems... so, really is an issue between TV and Pi4