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    Hi guys! Thank you for the instructions, I got it working on my PI3 with libreelec 9.2.

    Steamlink launches and works mostly well. I'm having two issues though:

    1 - Steamlink does not steal focus from Kodi and thus keyboard and remote input still apply to Kodi which is running in the background. Luckily, controller input is detected.

    2 - Steamlink detects my PC and attempts to start streaming from it but it keeps "Connecting to it" forever and never actually connects.

    Any idea on how tackle these issues?

    I simplified and fixed the script. Now it stops kodi and all input applies to steamlink.

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    But I'm still facing the same problem that it won't connect when started from the addon. Starting from ssh works however as you mentioned. As you can see in the monitor script the output is saved to a logfile but I have no idea what's going wrong.