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    Yes, if a bootable SD card is present, the system starts from this SD card. You can boot Android if you power off the device, eject the SD card and power on the device again.

    I have done all, as you said, but the system doesn't starts from SD card. Is there any other thing that I can do?

    Download Tanix TX6 image from here (.img.gz), extract it, so you have only .img file and burn it to microSD card with some tool like Etcher, dd, win32 disk imager or something similiar.

    Thank you so much!
    Just another question: After burned file image on SD card, how can I choose wich image will be start on boot?
    Start automatically with libreelec if the microSD is present?

    Thank's a lot!

    Sorry I'm newby. Is there anyone that explane to me step by step how to install libreelec in TX6 box?
    I read all thread but I don't understand very well how I can do.
    Please thank you so much