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    I've used LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.5.img on my minix x8-h plus and it seems fine, except for the following :

    1. Addons repo is not working - seems it is using 9.0.1

    2. HEVC files play with lag/stuttering

    Lan is working fine, I did not check wifi.

    Before this FW, I've had 18.3 for minix from this forum , with it i had to set refresh rate to 50, turn off amcodec, as i turn it on, the box would freeze upon video playback.

    But it seems that with this new fw, i can go back to default settings, 60hz, amcodec on and video playback won't freeze the box

    I've also tried to play with adjust refresh rate but ut did not help.

    It would be nice to have hvec working and the repo working

    Thanks for the FW and good work

    Ohhh, thank you so much, I will try it now.


    Already tried it but I can't get the device showup in device list :(

    Use etcher to copy image to sd card. Plug the sd card to minix, disconnected power cord, reconnect, use toothpick in reset hole and turn power. This took me a lit of tries but finally it succeeded

    Could be very frustrating.

    Also, make sure to disconnect everything else from device even the remote USB dongle while trying this process

    Also got minix x8-h plus.

    Can you share exactly your settings?

    I use mine for video streaming

    It stuck or have issues with hevc content , sometimes if i play and stop a video, no other video could play which requires a restart.

    This is such a capable device, would be a shame to replace it only due to sw issues

    Minix and old Wetek_play|Wetek_Core use the same linux version.

    This is why i use the LibreELEC Add-ons - Team LibreELEC so i don't have to compile them.

    Now that the support for the old Amlogic device has been removed , it is possible that we are stuck with addon version 9.0.0 or 9.0.1

    the problem is that it can't connect to the repository.

    This is from the log.

    On screen the repo name is

    "LibreELEC Add-ons - Team LibreELEC 9.0.1"

    But the file accessed is 9.0.2.

    System info state I'm on 9.0.2

    Also, is minix image based on WeTek image?

    I've tried to access the link in the browser and got forbidden. Is this region blocked?

    2019-09-09 21:19:01.780 T:2882745200 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
    2019-09-09 21:19:01.780 T:2882745200 ERROR: Open - failed to open source <>
    2019-09-09 21:19:01.780 T:2882745200 ERROR: CRepository: failed read ''

    I've turned off adjust refresh rate, and now when i open the subtitles window during video play, the bix freeze, any idea?

    Update : subtitles window has 2 buttons:

    Download which seems to work and browse which seems to freeze, ive seen many issues about this since 18. Any idea?

    i can confirm that setting display refresh rate to 50hz was the only thing helped with the box freeze when video was stopped and when amcodec was on,

    however, video still freeze or stutter randomly....can be paused and replayed, but not played smoothly.

    seems also there is a sync issue with audio.


    installed latest 18.3 minix x8h-plus

    display refresh rate is at 50 hz, resolution 1920x1080

    adjust refresh rate is set to always

    sync video is off

    amcodec is on

    other settings are on default

    also, i'm having a problem with add-ons repo: connecting to LibreELEC Add-ons repository is not working


    I've tried also setting "adjust refresh rate to "start/stop"", it and seems video freezing is not apparent, but video is dropping frames and lag from time to time until it catch up, (not sure, and if it makes sense, but seems mainly when moving between scenes )