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    Solved !

    Thank you very much, now when I look at dmesg I see that... was thinking that code was missing didn't even try to reconnect hat, idiot.

    Thanks again, I learned something now 😊

    If you remove


    And add


    Is it working better?

    yeah, try to before but its same...

    GitHub - kusticM/rpi: rpi files

    hat :…ound-card-w-i2s-to-s-pdif

    thank you very much !

    hi everyone!

    I brought myself yesterday rpi4 4gb, its replacement for my rpi3b+. I have chinese clone of hifiberry digi but has a IR on board also. Soo I made fresh install on new rpi4 and put a hat on it like it was on rpi3b+... make same changes in config.txt and there is no ALSA card on Kodi. If I put "dtparam=audio=on" then I have ALSA on board showing, but no hifiberry like on rpi3b+.

    Can anyone help me please, been awake till 5AM and still don't have sound through Toslink...

    Everything else in comparison to rpi3b+ is brutally faster, but I don't have my 5.1 audio out :(

    Thanks 🤗