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    You guys are on to something. I had a chance to test your audio theory and it works. More time and tests need to expand the use cases, but reducing audio output to 2 channels over HDMI immediately cleared up the judder on my go-to test sequence (a long, slow, regular pan). I tried a few different files that I'd tried before and sure engouh, gone there, too. As kro mentioned, I saw the odd judder when subs hadn't been on in a while, but so far I've seen nothing like the judder before. Now to find out what's causing it...Great job narrowing it down guys.

    Just to add another voice to the pile: I'm experiencing exactly what krobolbus describes, particularly the part about it not showing in logs at all and being sporadic in nature. I keep using the same sequence, a very regular pan, to test, and sometimes it doesn't judder at all. Frame matching to video is on, matching to display is off (was never needed on Pi). Files can be 24 flat or 23.976, doesn't matter, there's irregular judder.

    I'll try playing with the audio settings kro, thanks for that idea.

    I don't know if it's a known issue, but I came here for the same reason. Like you say, it's only in some files, and I can't find the constant. h264/h265, 24/23.98, some fluid, some jerky. I'll try to produce some logs tonight, otherwise the good people working on this have nothing to go on. Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one seeing this.