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    "No support for 4k output, this isn't implemented yet in the new driver. Neither is HDR output. Playing 4k HEVC files with HD output should work fine, though." - As you said this isn't working.

    Atmos works might fine. Actually sounds better on the Pi4 than it does on my Nuc. So I guess better audio driver?

    Only bug I had was with the scraper but that aint your fault. Probably set it up wrong.

    Everything I tried worked as expected.

    Even H265, 2160p (noticed it aint 4K since as you guys said :P)

    So I would say a success from me. I would love HDR to test as well in 4K, with this Atmos to see if they all play nice together.

    EDIT: Not sure if it's you guys or Kodi. But it mislable some Atmos as just "Dolby" but it's Atmos in the files.
    The LG SJ9 also start playing Atmos when you start it. So I guess it's a minor bug.


    What version of libreelec are you using?

    I use the 9.2 Generic (official), It's an Intel NUC device with a external bluray reader with Libredrive patches, I got a LG SJ9 soundbar, that require Alsa so I can get passthrough working, as why I run the 9.2 image.
    I've tried 3 blurays so far on it. John Wick that is a UK version. A my little pony that is a nordic edition and avatar that is also a nordic version. It say it cant decrypt them.

    I tried to just tried to install this addon but it doesn't seem to get MakeMKV working. Since it doesn't seem to decrypt anything I throw at it. Any one got any idea? I run a Nuc with the Kodi 18.3 Libreelec version.