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    Thanks for the build fraggle! It works really well for the most part. Not sure if you're still working on this since it's been a while since the last update, but I've noticed something super-strange and I figured I'd just post the issue here, maybe someone else will have some pointers.

    When I boot up this build, it defaults to a resolution of 1920x1080. I prefer a lower resolution, partly because it will give me better performance, but also because my odroid is hooked up to a CRT through an HDMI->RCA box and the downscaling works better when starting from a lower resolution. So I've edited to switch the resolution to 720x480 with xrandr. This works, but when I start a video in Kodi, it is really choppy. Probably less than half the intended framerate. Interestingly, the choppiness goes away if I bring up the HUD, then everything is absolutely smooth!

    Even more interestingly, If I use xrandr to change the resolution again (while Kodi is running), the choppiness also goes away! Any resolution except the one I launched Kodi with is smooth! But of course, Kodi doesn't adapt when I change the resolution with xrandr, so I either get a tiny Kodi in the corner of my TV or I only get to see a portion of the Kodi display. But if I change the resolution back to the one I started Kodi with, the choppiness comes back, and if I restart Kodi (systemctl restart kodi) to force it to adapt to the new resolution, the choppiness also comes back, there is no way to win here!

    I also see these two lines in the kodi log when I change the resolution, I assume this is why Kodi doesn't adapt to the new resolution:

    00:23:01.764 T:3017331264   ERROR: CXRandR::Query - unable to open xrandr xml
    00:23:01.764 T:3017331264   ERROR: WinSystemX11::RefreshWindow - failed to query xrandr

    This is on an ODROID U2. Anyone else seen this? Any ideas?