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    Hi everyone,

    I have a Rpi 2 model B, I just installed Libreelec 9.1.

    And I added the netflix plugin.

    I entered my email address, my password. I now can see the users, and for each of them the latest programs seen, the selection,..

    But when I launched a program, I'm asked to install widevine, I accept and it fails quite quickly.

    I'm trying since yesterday. The first times I had to accept the EULA, but now I don't reach this step.

    The kodi.log file is in attachment.

    I have downloaded manually the 2 files that seem to be the problem:


    and I got them without worry. So I don't understand why the plugin can't find them.

    Does someone knows what I could do to solve my problem?

    Best regards.

    Edit : in fact it seemed I had a not reliable internet connection, so the download was probably interrupted each time I tried to get the widevine.

    I tried again, and it worked. Everything's fine now, thanks a lot for all the solutions on this forum.


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