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    System Specs: RP4 4Gb running 9.2 Beta2, 4K TV/Resolution settings, added hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 and changed memory from 320 to 420

    When trying to play a video Seren scrapes, finds sources, attempts to play, goes back to the menu, shows the EQ moving next to the temperature/time in the top right. After 2 seconds it disappears. I can try it and other sources several times, they do the same. I've tried them repeatedly waited an hour or more to try them again (in case they were not downloaded) However, when I reboot and try again they usually play fine. This has been an issue since Beta1 with Realdebrid and Seren.

    After attempting to play then rebooting it will often work 2-3 more times before requiring a reboot. I've had them downloaded in my debrid cache, and they sill won't play until a reboot. (realizer is installed along with Siren)

    I've never gotten a 4K file to play. Either the picture decoding seems to fail, it doesn't keep up, or there is a black screen with good audio.

    Since the update trying to stop a Real Debrid video that's streaming locks up the system and requires a hard reboot. Pressing the back button causes a temporary freeze and then it reboots. Local files in /storage play much better and stop without issue.

    A local 4K Avitar H264 file now plays, but videos stutters, falls behind and skips ahead after a few seconds. Audio is fine. While testing this I paused Avitar, browsed around the menu screens and it froze and rebooted.

    Using the directional arrows to quickly previously to cause it to stutter and register 3+ presses (even though it they were not pressed) causing the selected item to jump several entries. Now it seems to jump 1 entry occasionally (1 press registering 2). RIImini I8 keyboard is my input device.

    Had a long standing issue on P3 and P4 with some H264 files (local and remote) where audio volume controls don't function. Pressing on the Remote Volume + or - brings up the volume indicator, but it won't change. Mute makes the speaker with the x appear on screen but it's not muted. Stopping (not pausing) playback allows the volume to be adjusted, but whenever the file is playing it's locked again. Has never happened on an H265 codec.

    Here's the setting of one such file: ff-mpeg4-mmal(HW), YUV420p, 720x304px 2.37 AR, 23.976 FPS, audio stream is showing RAW,RAW,RAW,RAW,RAW,RAW, pt-ac3, 8 bits, 48,000 Hz (in this case it's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales)

    Let me know if you need logs or anything else. Thank you guys for all your hard work. If you send me your wallet address I'll get you some XRP.

    I'm using a 4Gb Pi4 connected to a TCL 55P607 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD running LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.1.002

    logs: and

    I've made the following confg changes:

    Upon boot up, content loads and plays fine. Once playback is stopped and I attempt to play additional content it will seek sources, attempt to play the file (same result for remote vs. local content) this fails after a ~1sec attempt. Reloading the skin does not fix it, but rebooting the Pi4 does. If the logs above are insufficient let me know I'm happy to pull whatever else is needed.