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    Hi everybody, I have some problem getting into the stock recovery on my miniim8s, I have the Jarvis build on SD card and recently I installed krypton to internal. I don't know if the stock recovery somehow got overwritten. I also try to boot Abdul's TWRP from sd card to no avail. I also tried ssh 'reboot recovery' but it just reboot to the Google TV splash screen, toothpick does this too. Anybody have an idea?

    I also have this box and I use this dtb "gxbb_p200_2G_100M.dtb". It won't fix the boot problem but it should fix most of your annoyance.

    After the update, I had to unplug the power and start it up again (twice) before it actually started booting at all. Just thought I had bricked it.

    In relieved I'm not alone in this situation, it also happen every reboot on my mini m8s, stuck at splash screen. I also need to unplug it to reboot properly.

    I've noticed another strange behavior of the volume up/down buttons too:
    Sometimes I can use it to adjust the volume on my AVR during watching a movie but sometimes it just writes a red text about audio passthrough enabled so it cannot use...
    I haven't figured out when can I use it and when not.

    It's a normal behavior if you enabled passthrough in system - audio. You must use your receiver remote to adjust volume. If you don't use Dolby/DTS just disable passthrough, you'll then be able to adjust volume with box remote.

    Which dtb file for mini m8s? I just tried the one for mini mxIII and the update went fine but my wired ethernet connection is no longer accessible. I see from libreelec config that it use ip which doesn't make sense. Wifi is working tough.

    Thanks for the build, I really appreciate your work, I'm sure you'll get there!

    I'm using your 7.02.2 mate
    When I ssh into it there is no .config in storage? Should I create the .config folder and drop remote config in there?
    I did find a config folder in etc to which I dropped the remote conf file in there however this didn't work

    .config is a hidden folder, you need to activate "show hidden folder" in settings-appearance