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    i have a problem with my 8bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller.

    I paired it with the system using the LibreElec Addon in Kodi and it works great in Retroarch, Pegasus and EmulationStation. But it wont work in Kodi itself for some reason.

    Log shows the following trying to rempad the kodi controller input (which times out):

    I tried creating a udev rule as i read about it in another thred (99-gamepad.rules) with no success:

    1. SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{name}=="8Bitdo SF30 Pro", KERNEL=="event*", MODE="0666", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}="1"

    Change the input driver in kodi from linux to udev doesnt help as well.

    Any idea how to get this working?

    Im using the latest build for the Khadas VIM.


    Was wondering if retroplayer is officially supported and where to report bugs with its cores.

    Im running the latest official LibreElec Build on my Khadas VIM and noticed some Problems with the cores i tested and was wondering if this is a known problem.

    Some Cores (havent tried all of them yet) have broken Save Files, for example the Snes9x 2010 Core as well as the PCSX Rearmed core create save files which are over 4MB in size. And alle saves (yes psx and snes) had the exact same file size. So i guess this build is broken.

    Trying to load a game with such a broken save file crashes kodi and you can only get the games working again if you deleted that file first.

    I tried different build versions of those emulators.

    Other emulators did not have that problem, bsnes for example works fine and creates correct save files but its way to slow on the khadas vim.

    Anyone noticed this on other platforms?


    Im sorry if this has been answered before but i couldnt find any good information using the search. The information for the amlogic boards is all over the placed and sometimes burried in huge Threads.

    I have a Vero4k running OSMC and a Khadas VIM running LibrElec.

    I updated my vero finally to leia and since im using a shared library i had to update my khadas as well.

    I was running this release before (LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2.5-Chroma.422.10bit) which worked fine and switched my tv to hdr mode.

    I now installed the latest official LibreElec release for the Khadas (9.0.2) and everything works fine but i cant get HDR Playback working correctly.

    Content plays fine, switches to 4K Output but my TV is not switching into HDR mode as before.

    Is HDR supported on the official release? Should i switch to a custom release and which one?

    I would not mind a beta/testing release but i need the following to work:

    - Shared MySQL Library with Kodi v18.3 (Osmc, Vero4k)

    - HDR Playback

    - HDMI/Stereo output

    - Wired Ethernet

    - HDMI CEC Control

    Bluetooth and Retroplayer would be nice to have but can live without it for now.

    Thanks for any help!