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    Great thread topic on AVR detection and explanation on how-to utilse rpi4's spare HDMI port to output audio directly to AVR (HDMI 1.4b in my case) when following Settings are correctly assigned to required hdmi out. :cool:

    • Settings -> System -> Audio -> Audio output device
    • Settings -> System -> Audio -> Passthrough output device

    Just been testing method/process with hdmi0 (video) and hdmi1 (audio) this morning (which works perfectly, thanks) and like others, I now understand will need to permanently setup edid and config, such that rpi4 remembers hdmi1 connection, when rpi4 and/or AVR is powered off/on.

    Thank you HiassofT :thumbup:

    To me, on the other hand, I still can't get the audio to work, if I connect my Marantz av7701 to the second hdmi output of the raspberry pi4.

    The receiver is regularly recognized and with the method written in this thread, the receiver also works and I turn it off when I turn on the raspberry, but unfortunately no audio.

    I also have problem getting audio output device setting stick in Kodi as libreELEC does not seem to recognize my AVR when it's in standby mode.

    My setup is as follow:

    HDMI 1 Sony XH95

    HDMI 2 Pioneer VSX-520 AVR

    I am also doing some tests with my hdmi 1.4 receiver like yours and a LG oled 65c8, but until now I have not been able to get the audio from the receiver to work, in your tests the audio from the receiver you have managed to make it work.

    Today I made a last attempt, replace the hdmi cable that goes from the raspberry to the receiver, even in this case it doesn't work.

    Another thing that I forgot to specify is that if I connect the receiver to the hdmi0 port and the TV to the hdmi1 port the raspberry does not start or at least there is no video signal on the hdmi1 output.

    For those looking for the 5m cable, these are the ones I bought:

    LinkinPerk - Cavo ad alta velocità per televisori HD, con connettore da Micro HDMI a HDMI, con supporto per Ethernet, 3D, 4K e ritorno audio: Commercio, Industria e Scienza

    Logfile: logfile.txt

    Audio over RPi HDMI-1 is a pretty new feature, so it could be buggy. Can you try RPi HDMI-0 -> TV -> AVR?

    This setup works, but since my receiver only supports ARC and not EARC, HD audio tracks are transformed into Dolby Digital or DTS.

    This is why I want to use HDMI-0 output for video and HDMI-1 output for audio.

    What HDMI port in your receiver is the audio only hdmi cable connected to? I have a similar situation. My soundbar focuses on vc4-hdmi0 (connected directly to the TV) and thus display 'TV'. I have to manually set it to a HDMI output so the audio plays too (vc4-hdmi1)

    Also, are you sure you are audio your receiver can handle? Do you have passthrough enabled?

    I connected the raspberry to an hdmi port on the receiver which I am sure it works and my receiver manages all the encodings up to True HD and DTS Ex. But even when the passthrough is turned off, no sound is heard, not even the sounds of the skin.

    Today I tried the following build on my raspberry:


    I connected the rasbperry's hdmi 0 output to my tv, hdmi 1 output to my old receiver which is not a 4k, so hdmi 1.4.

    HDR works perfectly, but despite that in the audio setup menu, the hdmi audio output of the receiver, no sound is heard.


    My raspberry 4 with two connected HDMI cables does not start, for my configuration, I need to use an hdmi cable for the TV and view the video on this and another cable only for the audio to be connected to my receiver, it is possible this configuration.