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    Ok, maybe it can decode, but it doesn't solve my problem. Why isn't the passthrough on only HD-DTS not working anymore?
    I think it has to do with the Mesa driver, but I'm not sure. That's why included a log. I'm cannot understand the log, it says something about large audio sync error and broken pipe. What is going on? It should work, cause my hardware is supported by Libreelec.

    IF I remember correctly, it hasnt been implemented for PI4 - but m not 100% sure.

    "With passthrough disabled, it works" which should really mean its decoding it fine!

    Its funny, my PI3b+ was automatically updated last night to the latest version and now HDMI-CEC doesnt work on it either.

    I am currently rolling it back to 9.0, will see if that makes a difference

    What other operating systems have been tried using the Raspberry Pi 4 with a Samsung TV ?

    I searched the Kodi Forums and couldn't find any threads with this issue. I did find a thread in the forum but it's not that clear. Here's a link: forum

    I recommend asking for help there

    After trying evereything I gave up and returned pi4 - I can confirm HDMI-CEC doesnt work on libreelec rpi-4.

    rpi3-b is working fine for me.

    What's been said has been done already.

    What we need is the developers to take a look and see if they can fix this!

    I am using brand new cables, infact tried 4 different ones didn't resolve the issue. Game mode is off so that doesnt effect in my situation. Have already reset to factory default so I guess its just not going to work for on rpi4 :(

    I've figured it out!

    At least for my situation - it was the damn microHDMI adapter - tried with a microHDMI cable and it works fine!

    Maybe try a different cable...

    TV Panasonic TX55CS620E

    RP 4GB

    Good idea, I've ordered the cable, lets see if it works.


    Glad it worked for you by changing port but unfortunately it does work for me no matter which port its plugged into.

    CEC works on my earlier Pi's, and I've never had CEC connection issues with my samsung, beside buggy stuff that can be fixed or worked out.

    My micro hdmi cable is old though, so I will look into buying a new one in the coming weeks.

    I've done all these test and can confirm hdmi-cec doesnt work (atleast) for samsung tv but worked for earlier rpi's.

    I doubt very much this will help but watch this:

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    Thanks but this is very basic requirment for hdmi-cec to work, if this wasnt on it wouldnt have worked for rpi3 or anything else but it does. just rpi4 isnt working

    Just swapped from RPi3B+ to RPi4B and I have the same issues - Samsung TV and CEC not connecting.

    Other issues include:

    • When switching back to TV the HDMI and CEC grab focus back and switch back to Kodi while trying to reconnect ever 2min or so
    • Press the buttons sometimes there is a click, 1min of nothing and then all clicks hit at once and Kodi crash

    Ive tried all of the above myself, looks like its back to RPi3B+ for the time being.

    yes bcz its trying to connect cec n timing out.

    m already bak to pi3 :(