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    Hi, since I updated LE with the nightly build from 10th of july

    EDIT: Ah ok, I see now, there are not nightly builds for s905, the build from 10 july are for others systems :)

    Can you tell me where can I find the lastest nightly build? The only repo that I know is this Index of /builds/

    And the last build is from 24 April

    @5schatten It is possible activate Bluetooth on the chip RTL8723BS?, the WiFi module works great and the Milhouse build have the Bluetooth working also.


    EDIT: I forgot to mention the most important thing, I am using the system for S905 SoC

    Hello everyone, thank you very much for the work on this amazing system. I wanted to ask two questions.

    I want to keep the resolution of the LibreElec interface at 1920x1080 but RetroArch uses the same resolution defined in the LibreElec interface.

    I would like to launch RetroArch at 1280x720 because i play with the integer scale x3 activated and the image is a bit small for the overlays that i use and does not fit well on my 1080p TV, I also use crt-nes-mini shader and need to use integer scaler.

    I touched the retroarch.cfg file in /storage/.config/retroarch but ignores it!

    It is possible to launch RetroArch at 720p without changing the Estuary resolution everytime?

    WiFi works perfectly but it is possible make integrated Bluetooth work as well on chip RTL8723BS?

    Thanks to all in advance!

    @HaLeXz Thank you for reply, I've searched on this thread but it seems that xorg.conf is only for Generic x86-64 systems, also i searched to the entire system on my TV Box with the WinSCP utility and the file doesn't exist.