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    Hi that your buttons are flipped is correct.. i flipped mine myself.. as i have used this remote for an ther box...

    Be sure you put the file from codesnake in /storage/.config then reboot and all should be okay.

    Just to note, I was trying M8 with S82 LE 8 firmware.

    Now I will stick with M8 LE 7.0.2 Firmware, it works with codesnake remote.conf, but I think the temperature is too much high. It reaches 85ºC with the case open!! It is safe?


    Did you try using a different remote.conf? Try this one. You only need to copy it into the config ("/storage/.config" over ssh or "Configfiles" over smb) folder on the box.

    It did not work. I try putting remote.conf in /storage/.config and in /storage/.config/rc_keymaps. I try other remote.conf too. I suspect that the driver is not working or the system is listening the wrong device. Im trying to find a way to test the devices via ssh but Im not a linux expert.

    thanks again!